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Moving house or office can be a stressful experience, but with careful planning and preparation, it can go smoothly.
This Moving FAQs provides answers to some of the most common questions people have about moving.
Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, this information will help you make the process easier

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Removals in London FAQ’s:

Frequently asked questions we receive about any of our removal services during the day.

FAQ. MTC Removals is a professional and reliable removals company offering services for house or office moving. Get the answers to your frequently asked questions about our removal services today.On this page you will find the most common questions about our removal services in London . We did our best to cover all topics related to moving to home in London, and we hope you will find answers to your questions here. Nevertheless, if you cannot find the required information on this page, please contact us, and our managers will come back with a reply or possible solution. In order to see the answers, simply click on the question and read the information below.

Why should I avoid planning a removal on Friday?

We do understand that moving on Friday might be the most suitable time for you and your family, as you can take the whole weekend to settle in your new apartment or house. Many removal companies in London might charge you extra for their services on this day of week because of the increased demand and significant traffic in the city. Moreover, you might experience various delays on your side such as the transaction of payment to our bank account. If such issues occur, you will have to wait until Monday because of the upcoming weekend to solve the problem. The payment delay might eventually lead to additional charges. At MTC London Removals Company, our main goal is to make sure your removal is going all smoothly without a single hindrance. Therefore, we would ask you to plan your removal on any day except fro Friday.

Do I need to book your removal services in advance?

Yes. MTC Removals is aimed at providing high-quality personalized removal services. In order to keep our promise and guarantee a hassle-free removal, we need some time to plan your removal beforehand. Therefore, it is necessary that you book our services as early as possible. We might be booked up weeks in advance, especially during holiday seasons. Friday and the end of the month rate the most popular removal days. If you are looking for a last-minute moving house, we would recommend opting for mid-week and mid-month – these days are less demanded among our clients, and you might even get our removal services at a reduced price.

How long does a house removal take?

FAQ . House removal is a highly individual procedure. The duration of a removal depends of several factors, such as the amount of possessions to be transferred, number of large furniture, how many loaders you are going to hire, and other. Based on our past experience, we would generally estimate that your possessions and furniture will be packed and loaded until lunch, and unloaded after lunch. Unloading usually takes much less time than loading, as our team will not need to pack the boxes and furniture into a small space of the truck. Please keep in mind that this schedule is an estimate only, and in order to provide you with a more precise timing, we need to know more details about your removal. Please contact us at [email], tell us about your removal plans, and we will come back with a quote and an estimate schedule.

Why should I choose your removal company in London among other ones?

FAQ . At MTC London Removals Company, we are focused on delivering high-quality removal services together with a premium customer experience. For us, there are no compromises when it comes to ensuring your house removal goes all smoothly and hassle-free. At our removal company in London , we are aimed at combing both ultimate customer service and unbeatable cost-quality balance. Our managers always stay up-to-date to make sure our company offers the best prices on the removal market in London.

In addition to flawless quality and flexible price match, our company offers services of experienced specialists who are certified experts in the field of house removals. When working with us, you can be sure that your possessions will be treated with great care and moved in the shortest time possible. Our staff will be happy to offer extra help whenever you need it, even if it was not included in the original scope of our service. There are no requests that are beyond our limits.

MTC London Removals Company will be happy to hand your moving house and help you settle in your new home. Let us take care of all the details of your removal, so that you can focus on what really matters – settling in your new house and throwing an outstanding housewarming party.

Do you have a set rate for your removal services in London?

Every removal process is individual, and therefore requires different timing and extra services. AT MTC London Removals, we usually charge for our work per hour. However, there might be extra fees depending on the amount of possessions and large furniture to be loaded and moved, day of the week you choose for you removal, your location, distance moving, access availability, and other factors. Please send us an email describing your removal needs at [email protected] , or fill out our Contact Form , and our managers will get back to you with a  free no-obligation quote

How do you calculate your quotation price?

There are several factors that influence our removals quotation price . Some of the main aspects that affect our pricing are loading and unloading time, time traveling to the destination, and the amount of large furniture or heavy objects to be transferred. If you have a large number of personal possessions to be loaded and unloaded, you may need more porters to clear your property in a given timeframe. Moreover, long distance traveling affects our pricing as it adds up to the total timing of the removal and requires more fuel. If you are willing to get your free no-obligation quote now, send us an email: at [email protected] , call us at 02038118380 or fill out our Contact Form, and our managers will get back to you as soon as possible.

My removal requires long-distance traveling. What if your drivers cannot make it in one day?

At MTC London Removals Company, we are open for removals requiring long distance traveling, even if our drivers have to have a night away. However, there are certain aspects that our clients need to pay attention to when ordering long distance removals at our company.

Firstly, please be aware that a fully loaded removal wagon cannot travel fast due to both legal restrictions and technical capacities. Secondly, according to the law, our drivers can legally drive up to 4 1/2 hours in a row, and then they have to make a break of at least 45 minutes. After that they can drive for up to 4 1/2 hours, and finally they are required to have a night away for a minimum of 10 hours. Thirdly, please make sure you arrive to the destination place earlier than our drivers and porters so that you are not charged extra for waiting time.

What information do I need to provide so that you can send me a quotation?

As every removal case is individual, we will need substantial information to estimate the pricing and turnaround time of your request. In order to receive a personal quote, please provide us with the following details:

  • Your current location and your moving destination;
  • Van access of both locations, such as parking, loading zone, substantial space to load large furniture, etc.;
  • Desired date or day of week of your removal;
  • Whether new owners or renters are moving in the same day;
  • If new homeowners are moving in the same day, tell us by what time your home should be cleared;
  • Your time constraints, if any;
  • If our professional packing service is requested;
  • Amount of large objects or fragile items to be loaded, transferred and unloaded, such as glass table, antiques, American fridge, oversized furniture or custom-made items;
  • Whether you require carton boxes to pack and move your possessions.

Will I sign a contract with your removal company in London?

Yes. For us it is crucial that the rights and responsibilities of both parties are clearly stated and respected. Therefore, signing a contract with our clients is a standard procedure at MTC London Removals Company . We will state all terms and conditions, moving dates, pricing, and other details, and we guarantee that the whole removal process will be carried out according to the contract both parties sign.

Will your porters help me disconnect my kitchen appliances?

No. According to the law, all kitchen appliances, such as the stove or oven, should be disconnected by a qualified professional. Therefore, it is necessary that you hire a specialist before our team comes to your place so that they can load disconnected packaged appliances in the truck. Shall you require, our porters can disconnect certain appliances, such as the washing machine. However, it will be at your own risk, and we cannot guarantee the quality of the service provided.

Will you visit me before coming to move my home?

If you are planning to move special objects or have a lot of large furniture, we would offer you a preliminary removal inspection. Our manager will come to your home, see what and how many objects have to be moved, and offer you possible solutions. We will also be able to provide a more precise quote and timing estimate after a property visit. Moreover, you will have a chance to get to know our team and decide whether you are willing to work with us and trust us your removal in London.

What packing services do you offer?

MTC London Removals Company offers a number of packing services options that you can choose from depending on your needs. If you are willing to take all hassle and stress out of your removal process, our movers will professionally pack and load all of your possessions. No more need to roam the construction supply stores and search for cartons, scotch tape and other materials needed to pack your items. We will bring necessary materials and pack all our possessions, everything from your personal belongings, to fragile items and large appliances.

Another option is to choose our partial packing services. Our porters will handle special objects, pack fragile items and cover large furniture to avoid any possible damage. You will only need to pack your personal belongings, such as clothing, documents, books, and other items that do not require any special treatment.

If you prefer packing everything on your own, our porters will then only load the boxes and large items into the truck and move them to your new home. If you decide to go for this option, please make sure that all items are securely packed and covered to avoid any damage.

When our movers arrive to your new home, you will also have various options to choose from. Our porters can either unload your boxes and furniture and place them at the property entrance, or place them as required so that you do not need to move large furniture and fragile objects on your own.

MTC London Removals Company will also be glad to offer additional services that will enhance your removal experience and take all stress and rush from this day. If requested, our movers offer cleaning and rubbish clearance services upon the items loading, so that the new owners or renters can move in a clean and neat place.

I have a small removal , Do you have any options for me?

If you are a student moving from one dorm to another, or simply live in a small condo, we would be happy to offer you our man with van service . Our driver will come on a van that can fit a small move. They will also help you load and unload your personal belongings if needed. Please make sure our man with van option works for your removal to avoid a second load. If you are not sure that your possessions will fit into a small van, or you have large furniture to move, we would recommend opting for our standard option.

What if my items do not fit into the van?

If your personal belongings and furniture did not fit into the van that arrived for your removal, we can offer you a second load option. Our driver will first transfer all items that fit into the van, and then come back to move the remaining objects. In order to avoid multiple loads, we would ask you to give us precise information on your removal, send us house pictures or let us pay you a visit beforehand.

Will you ask for payment upfront?

Yes. In order to secure your removal date, guarantee high quality of our removal services and get ready for your removal beforehand, we would ask you to pay in a deposit or a full amount depending on the scale of your removal request. All prepayment details will be indicated in the terms and conditions of the contract we are going to sign.

Can I do the whole removal myself?

We would not say it is impossible to do, but it will definitely be a huge hassle. Packing everything on your own, finding a van, loading and unloading might take you ages. Although moving yourself might work for small student removals, larger households are advised to choose professional removal services. With professional movers you will not only save hours or even days of your precious time, but also take all the stress out of the removal process. Our porters will carefully pack your belongings and load your furniture to avoid any damage.

How can I cut costs of my removal?

If our quote is higher than your removal budget, there are a couple of ways of cutting costs of your removal. Consider changing your removal date: Friday, weekend and end of the month are the most popular days for removals among Londoners. Booking your removal during mid-week will result in a better rate.

Also, you can pack your belongings on your own without resorting to professional services of our porters. Our movers will then only load the boxes and move then to your new home. In addition, you can declutter your current home and get rid of all unnecessary items, which will cost on the amount of belongings to be moved.

If our quotation still seems too high for you, please send us and mail at [email protected] , and we will do our best to offer you the best cost.

Can I tip your porters and drivers?

Tips are neither required nor expected by our removal crews. Nevertheless, if you are willing to say thank you for a good service, this small gesture will be highly appreciated by our movers and motivate them to perform their best.

24 Extra Moving FAQs – MTC Removals


1. What are the services you offer?

Our services vary from moving house, office, house packing , waste disposal and collection, office clearance, and many more. You may find all our services on our website and choose exactly what you need. All our services are given under a comprehensive insurance policy to make sure that you will not have to worry for the safety of your belongings. Our employees have been well-trained in packaging and moving and will offer any service you may need. We also give a free quote on the service you need, and will coordinate with you through the process in order to give you the best experience possible.

2. How much do your services cost?

We offer a free quote on our website that will help you determine the cost of our services and the move. This will also help us in estimating the amount of space your belongings will occupy in the removal van or truck. You may fill the online quote form on our website to get it or call us, however, the quote will only be as accurate as you have answered.

3. Does your service provide safe storage units?

No matter what job it is you want, we can assure you that your belongings and goods will be perfectly safe with us. We provide safe storage units with locks both at the pick-up and delivery destinations, giving you the best security that you can have for moving your personal belongings. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage to the delight of all our clients, offering the greatest protection we can give to your belongings during the moving. All of our services have this comprehensive insurance, and because of this comprehensive insurance, all your precious belongings will be perfectly safe with us.

4. How do I confirm my booking with MTC London Removals Company?

You may contact us at [email protected] or call us at any of the numbers on our website. We will coordinate with you through the whole process and make sure that your belongings will be picked up and delivered safely. You can count on the delivery date to be exactly when you want, because during the move, the removal van or truck belongs to you and will move on your schedule. Our staff will coordinate with you to identify exactly what you want and need to move and when.

5. Will you be able to pack my belongings if I am too busy to do so?

Yes, we offer services to pack your belongings and transport them for you as such. Just leave your clothes in drawers and closets, and your fragile goods where they are. Our employees will arrive on site and package your belongings for the safest possible transit, to make sure that all your belongings arrive in one piece. For anything that need special instructions, we will need your presence to immediately coordinate with you on how to package and transport the items.

6. Are your employees experienced enough to handle fragile furniture?

We have employees that are specialized in packing and transporting fragile goods, to make sure that your precious china, glassware, and vases are safe in transit. You won’t have to worry about packaging your fragile goods yourself, as our employees will know how best to package your goods for transport. Furthermore, all our services have a comprehensive insurance policy that ensures that all your goods are safe with us during transit. You can definitely trust us with all your fragile items.

7. Do you disassemble and assemble furniture?

Yes, we do, provided that it is not a specialist assemble/disassemble. The safest way to transport furniture that can be dismantled, is to disassemble them for safety reasons in transit. This will also allow us to pack it more easily in the removal van or truck. If there are any specific instructions you wish to give, we recommend that you stay with our staff so that you may make requests or instruct them on what you want them to do with your belongings.

8. Am I required to arrange the parking through our local Council, to obtain permits?

We do ask that you arrange parking with the local council/authority, as it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that you have all the necessary permits for all the concerned addresses. No removal company or firm in the industry usually takes responsibility for this. If you are unable to acquire a permit, you may be able to ask your neighbours for a visitor’s permit for the day of your move and let your neighbours know that a removal van will be parked at your house and may cause some inconvenience.

9. When should I book my move?

Book as soon as possible, the earlier the better, as we will then be able to adjust anything that needs to be adjusted for your move, optimizing everything for your needs. We will also be able to adjust to any changes you need for our service. If your booking is too urgent, we will still guarantee the best quality we can possibly give, but an earlier booking is ideal.

10. What is the difference between binding and a non-binding estimate?

A binding estimate is a written quotation of your total move that will serve as your bill, while the non-binding estimate is what our first quotation will be. All quotations and cost inquiries will be free of charge and nothing needs to be paid until after the services. We will coordinate with you on all costs and make sure that everything is to your liking and adjusted to your needs before finalizing the quotation on the day of delivery. We will answer every question you have and adjust everything to your needs, including the kind of vehicle and service you need.

11. How should I plan my move?

We will help you plan and coordinate with you on your intended move. We are open for inquiries on our services and will align to your schedules and plans. The golden rule as with anything is; the sooner the better. The sooner you book with us, the better we can guarantee that you will receive the best possible service we can give. We will have more time to change things to your needs and adjust anything such as vehicle size and how many boxes we need to bring.

12. Do I have to pay first the moving company before having the service?

We do not need you to pay before our services as it is uncommon for removal companies to ask for any sort of down payment. We offer you our services first and foremost, and you may pay us after we finish our contract. Our first quotations are non-binding, so any changes that may occur will determine the final cost of the service.

13. What types of valuation coverage can I choose for my shipment?

We offer a comprehensive insurance coverage for all our services, for all of your belongings or shipments. With this we make sure that all your goods are safe in transit while you use our services. Through this comprehensive insurance, we guarantee that all your belongings are safe with us while we are under your employ. Ensuring that you get the best possible service, to give you the most stress-free moving experience you will ever have.

14. Does the mover will send me information before my move?

We will coordinate all information you have submitted to us to make sure we prepare the correct size of van or truck for your move. We ask that you book your move as early as possible, so that all adjustments to your free removal quotation and services can be finalised and optimised for your move.

15. How will I contact my mover if I have a complaint with the moving service?

You may contact us at [email protected] or with any number available on our website and we will do our best to resolve any problem you might have with our services.

16. What if I need to change my moving date?

Just call us and coordinate with us about your intended change, and we will accommodate you and your needs. We will only begin as soon as you give the go-ahead and we will adjust pickup and delivery to your schedule.

17. Will a large truck be able to fit in the road in front of my house?

If not, we will be able to arrange for smaller moving vans and we will trust that you can inform us of whether the road has enough accommodation for the vehicle you want. We will coordinate with you and use the most appropriate method of transport for your needs to move items to your new address from your old one.

18. Will you be able to drop off my items at any address I need you to?

Yes, we will coordinate with you on the destination of all your belongings, and even package it in order of what you want unpacked first to last. We will deliver it on the day you want, at the time you need it and we guarantee that our services will provide you with the best moving experience you’ll ever have.

19. What if my belongings were damaged, who is the responsible for that?

If your belongings are damaged in transit, the comprehensive insurance will cover the costs, and we will take full responsibility for any damaged goods. If any items recieve damagedin transit, it was either not packed well by our employees or not properly dismantled.

20. Will you give advice on how to most easily undertake the property moving?

Of course, we will guide you through the entire process. If you are on a budget, we will optimize the packaging and delivery for your needs and adjust appropriately. With a decade of experience, our company can assure you that we have more than enough experience and training to fully assist you with all your needs in moving house.

21. Can the movers arrange the furniture to my liking in my new home?

We will arrange all of your belonging to your liking, and even place electronics where you need them. Our removals services last from the time you book with us, to the time that you are fully set in your new home. We intend to make you feel less worry and to assist you with all your needs in moving in order to have you experience a stress-free moving with our supreme quality services.

22. Do you provide moving services even if the weather is bad?

While difficult, we can coordinate with you for a move even in extreme weather. If it is hot or cold, or raining hard, we assure you that your belongings are safe with us during the entirety of the move.

23. Does the movers provides the moving materials?

Yes, we provide a packing service and even crates for rent for your move. We will also handle packaging your goods to make sure you get the best value for your money. We will provide you with a professional packaging service with employees specially qualified and trained in packing procedures for all items, whether fragile or not. We will also give advice on packing if you intend to do it yourself, to ensure that your items are completely safe during transit.

24. Do I have to be present throughout the moving process?

Yes, if you or our employees have any questions, being in the immediate vicinity or at your home will ensure quick communication and coordination with the move and make the process much smoother. If there is a need to disassemble furniture or if you have any unpacking preference, it will be best if you are present for the move. It will also be best to be able to immediately advise the movers on whether you are transporting food or anything fragile, as we will be able to place priority on its safety and ensure that your belongings are as safe as they can. Answers to the most common Property Moving FAQs compiled by MTC Removals