Cost of Moving Houses in the UK in 2019

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The Costs of Moving Houses in the UK in 2019

Local Removals Costs

The volume is the main factor to consider when moving locally.
Removal companies  Most of the removals company required a minimum of 2 hours, to
help them stay protected.
Man and Van – If you need help moving heavy furniture this man and van services is for you
man and van prices : £50 -£60 per hour for two men and a Luton Van.

Average Removal Costs Across the UK

City, Uk  1 Bed  2 Bed  3 Bed
London  £340 – £460  £430 – £580  £600 – £740
Manchester  £330 – £420   £450 – £580  £550 – £750
Birmingham  £330 – £450  £420 – £570  £560 – £690
Newcastle  £320 – £380  £380 – £480  £480 – £750
Glasgow  £340 – £420  £420 – £550  £550 – £780
Cardiff  £320 – £380  £370 – £480  £470 – £760

Removals Costs from London

Destination  1 Bed  2 Bed  3 Bed  4 Bed
 Birmingham  £650  £850  £890  £1.300
Birmingham  £550  £670  £880  £1.220
Newcastle  £780  £850  £960  £1.350
Glasgow  £890  £990  £1.200  £1.460
Cardiff  £650  £760  £950  £1.200

Removals Costs from Manchester

Destination   1 Bed  2 Bed  3 Bed  4 Bed
London  £650  £750  £880  £1.300
Birmingham  £550  £660  £890  £1.200
Newcastle  £590  £890  £990  £1.350
Glasgow  £690  £780  £990  £1.300
Cardiff  £670  £870  £970  £1.270

Removals Costs from Birmingham 

Destination  1 Bed  2 Bed  3 Bed  4 Bed
London  £590  £690  £890  £1.290
Manchester  £570  £670  £870  £1.260
Newcastle  £660  £770  £990  £1.350
Glasgow  £770  £880  £1150  £1.450
Cardiff  £560  £690  £960  £1.200

Removals Costs from Newcastle

Destination  1 Bed  2 Bed  3 Bed  4 Bed
London  £770  £890  £980  £1.290
Manchester  £590  £830  £970  £1.190
Newcastle  £670  £820  £990  £1.300
Glasgow  £700  £790  £890  £1.250
Cardiff  £800  £870  £1.150  £1.380

Removals Costs from Glasgow

Destination  1 Bed  2 Bed  3 Bed  4 Bed
London  £890  £990  £1.280  £1.490
Manchester  £690  £880  £990  £1.250
Newcastle  £650  £720  £970  £1.200
Glasgow  £700  £790  £890  £1.250
Cardiff  £870  £970  £1.190  £1.460

Removals Costs from Cardiff

Destination  1 Bed  2 Bed  3 Bed  4 Bed
London  £690  £690  £790  £1.290
Manchester  £670  £770  £970  £1.270
Newcastle  £780  £890  £1.190  £1.480
Glasgow  £700  £790  £890  £1.250
Cardiff  £870  £980  £1.160  £1.560

How much does it cost to relocate a house?

There are several important factors to consider when planning your moving budget. Moving houses often requires significant financial investment, so it’s best to plan ahead of time to avoid any unexpected mishaps.
While some upfront moving costs may seem obvious, be sure to leave room in your budget for hidden or unexpected fees.
Because of the variety of different movers available in the UK market, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how much you should save to enjoy a comfortable move. However, general estimates can provide a ballpark figure to which you should aspire.
If you’re planning on moving houses in the near future, check out our list below for a comprehensive overview and rundown of expected moving costs. Please note that this provides only a general estimate of what you can expect and that the details of your particular situation can influence your actual cost.

Cost of Moving Houses in the UK in 2019
Cost of Moving Houses in the UK in 2019

Factors Influencing Moving Costs
Before we can begin talking about the average cost to move in the UK in 2019, it’s important to understand the different factors that go into calculating your removal fees. When planning your moving budget, be careful to take each aspect into consideration so that you can be better prepared to afford your removal expenses.
As you probably expect, one of the more obvious components of your removal cost is the distance between the home you’re moving from and the home you’re moving to. The farther the removal company must travel, the higher the cost will be.
When hiring a removal company, keep in mind that many of them will charge by the hour, so long moving distances can affect both the base rate and the transportation cost of the move. Leave a room in your budget to account for traffic jams and other roadblocks, and don’t assume that you will reach your new home in average time. Your budget should have enough breathing room to accommodate for unexpected mishaps.
It comes as no surprise that the removal company will also charge more depending on the volume of material they are required to handle. The more items you have moved, the more you can expect to pay. This, too, can get a little tricky, and we’ll explain why later, but for now, just know that a higher volume of materials (measured in m2) will typically result in a price increase.
Special Items
Here comes the tricky part. You can actually have more items and pay less—sometimes. That’s because there are certain items that are just more expensive to move.
If your removal company has to move fairly large, fragile, or expensive items, the cost will increase. Just how much depends on your specific removal company of choice, but keep in mind that it can add more than a few pounds to the bill.

Living in the Countryside is Better? The Pros and Cons

It’s important to understand what kinds of items can fall under this category, but do note that while we can provide a general rule of thumb, the ultimate call is up to the removal companies themselves.

  • Antiques—You may have guessed this one. From your grandmother’s old spinning wheel to her grandmother’s old china, antiques will run up your bill as movers have to take extra care in not damaging the goods. (But don’t let this put you off: removal company staff are highly trained in the removal of items of value. If you’re still unsure about strangers handling your family heirlooms, you should take time to consider your decision to hire a removal company.)
  • Number of large items—If you’ve got several large items, you can expect your removal bill to be a little on the heavier side. Again, it’s best to hire professional services to take care of the job; you just need to be aware that your grand piano is going to cost a little extra. Take note of the larger objects in your house and discuss them with removal companies before employing their services to get a better understanding of your expected bill.
  • Size of your home—The more space the removal company is working with, the more you are going to pay. Removal rates vary depending on how many bedrooms are in your house, and remember that most rates are charged by the hour. If you’ve got a larger home, take that into consideration when planning your move in the UK in 2019.
  • Layout of your home—This one may come as a surprise. Were you aware that removal companies will charge an extra fee for homes that are difficult to access? If your flat is located in a high-up and hard-to-reach area, the removal company will likely charge more for the services. If they have to carry a couch down several flights of stairs, for instance, or try to squeeze large objects through narrow doorways, they’re probably going to charge you extra for it. It’s difficult to understand how this may affect your removal rates without first speaking to a company that is fully aware of your situation.
  • Deadlines—Time is money, and the less time you have and the more time they work will dip into your wallet. Be sure to plan ahead so that you aren’t stuck trying to rush the removal company at the last minute—it could get costly. Removal companies will charge you extra if you’re on an express deadline, and this fee can vary greatly from company to company. If you want to avoid this extra fee, simply plan your move carefully so that you won’t get stuck with a larger bill.
  • Cleaning Services—Did you know that many removal companies also offer professional cleaning services? These involve giving your home or flat one last professional-grade clean. This is a great option for almost everyone—especially those are renting and are looking to leave a good impression on the landlord. Though these services cost extra, leaving the house clean is really the right thing to do.
  • Packaging and handling—The removal company will likely wrap and package the items in your house for safe travel. Depending on how many items need to be wrapped or packaged, your removal costs could go up.
  • How much will it cost to move house UK?

  • How much does it cost to relocate a house?
    How much does it cost to relocate a house?

Cost of Moving to a New House in the UK in 2019

So with all that being said, how much does it cost to move in the UK in 2019?
As you can see, the answer depends on several complicated factors, so be advised that the following averages are just estimates and shouldn’t take the place of acquiring an actual quote. Your actual bill could be lower or higher than the national average depending on the above-mentioned factors as well as any promotions your removal company may be running.
The good news is that for many, removal costs won’t top £1000, but they can range from as little as £500 to as many as £1700.
The actual removal fee itself is separate from any packaging or cleaning fees that your removal company might charge, but understanding the full cost possibilities is the only way to accurately plan your move.
The remove fee for a one-bedroom house or flat, for instance, will likely only cost you around £400. Packaging fees, however, can up to an additional £150-£200 to your bill.
Assuming that there are no special circumstances (your house has an abnormal layout, or you have a lot of antique or fragile items, for instance), you can expect to add an additional £200 or so for every room in your house. This general rule of thumb includes both the removal fee itself and the additional packaging costs.
But that’s not all. Many removal companies also charge a separate transportation fee to make up for gas and time spent. These costs will largely depend on the removal service you choose, but you can expect to pay around £1-2 per mile.
If you choose to utilize a removal company’s cleaning service (which is nearly always a good idea), you can expect to add a few pounds to your bill. Most removal companies charge up to an extra £300 for a proper professional-grade cleaning.
Other Fees to Consider
The cost of moving to your new house in 2019 may be higher than average. Depending on your area, some removal companies may charge as much as £800 just for the removal fee, so make sure to leave wiggle room in your budget. Don’t get surprised by higher removal fees or any of the extra costs listed below.

  • Disassembly and Reassembly—Removal companies can charge over £100 to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. If you’ve got a lot of large furniture, expect this to add to your bill.
  • Storage—If you’re in need of storage, your removal company may be able to provide it for an extra fee. This is a great option for those who have to move out of their old apartment or flat but are not quite yet ready to move into their new home.
  • Miscellaneous—Smaller fees, such as costs to acquire a parking permit in front of both your old and your new homes, may add a little to the bill—though likely not much. Keep an eye out for small expenses because they can up.

Be sure to have a full understanding of prices charged when you discuss quotes with different removal companies. The more information you provide, the more accurately they can provide you with a quote for your moving expenses. Remember: you don’t want to go overbudget, so do your best to get as accurate a quote as possible.
Though you may be reluctant at first to shell out money for other people to touch and move your stuff, there are actually a number of key benefits to using a removal service. Considering the cost of moving houses in 2019, you will want to consider these benefits in detail.

  1. Save Time

Let’s be honest. You’re not just moving to a new home. You are moving to a new home while balancing everything else in your life—work, family, school. Give yourself a break. You don’t have to do everything. Using a quality removal service can help you save time and focus on what is truly important.
It’s never just about the move. Perhaps you’ve got a child having to go to a new school or are changing jobs yourself. That’s a lot to handle. There’s no good reason to put these things on the backburner for removal.
And that’s not all. Removal companies are experts at what they do. They are trained to relocate your stuff quickly and efficiently. This means that there’s a good chance that—even if you are diligent yourself—these companies will get the job done in a timelier manner. That’s huge for anyone looking to move into a new house right away or for those who simply don’t wish to spend huge wait times on the removal process.

  1. Stress-Free

What’s the most stressful part about moving into a new home?

If you’re like most people, you will say without a doubt that it is removal. For many people, the removal process can take a fun adventure and turn it into a hectic nightmare. There’s just so much to keep up with, from the location and safety of your items to the actual physical demands of the labor.
Moving to a new home is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be exciting.
So don’t bog yourself down in unnecessary stress. There’s no reason to put extra work on yourself. Say goodbye to your current home in peace while you focus on the move to a better horizon.
This won’t only help you—it will help your family. Oftentimes, those most affected by stress are our families. So take some of the pressure off yourself! A quality removal service is just the answer you need to get the job done right and eliminate your stress.

  1. Safer Delivery

I know how this sounds at first. I mean, who better to handle your stuff and ensure its safety than you? After all, you are the one with sentimental attachment to that old vase, and you are the one who bought that expensive television. Other people don’t get how important those items are, so how can you be sure they are going to move them safely?
While this is certainly an understandable claim, you must remember that removal companies use trained and qualified people. While you may think you are the best to do the job, the truth of the matter is that there is a process that must be followed. Unless you are trained in household removal, there’s a chance you could find yourself in an accident.
And you don’t want to drop Grandma’s vase.
Simply put, it’s not worth the risk. Moving to a new home is already an expensive process—you don’t want to shell out even bigger bucks to replace damaged items.
If they can be replaced at all, that is.
The message is simple: don’t take on too much. Using a removal service can guarantee that the job is done efficiently. Don’t take a chance and put your beloved items at risk. Instead, contact your desired removal service to get the job started as soon as possible, as safely as possible.
Tips and Reminders
With these benefits in mind, it’s important to check out the following tips on finding and using removal services. Doing so can help make sure that the removal process is quick, dependable, and up to your standard.

  1. Check Out as Many as You Can

This may seem obvious, but it’s too important to omit. Oftentimes, we only use the services we are familiar with. Be they established brands or companies referred to us by friends and family, these companies often seem like the perfect go-to option for removal.
But there’s no way to know this without doing your research.
Don’t rely simply on what you’ve heard. Dig a little deeper and check out all of the removal services in your area. You may just find that another service is better than the one you have in mind. Go online and read reviews written by people who live nearby.
Does the company have a good rating? Were past customers satisfied? If not, what were there complaints?
This information can help make sure that your stuff gets to your new house safely and without occurrence.

  1. Don’t Rely on Over-the-Phone Quotes

At times, it can be tempting to go with what we hear. The removal process can be so hectic and stressful that we simply go with the flow to get it over with faster. This means that sometimes we just accept quotes over the phone, without having the removal service come and view the house.
Try not to let this happen. When a company gives you a quote, ask them to come out and view your house first. Oftentimes, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with removal. You may be setting yourself up for higher payments if you don’t take this precaution.
Trust me, the removal service wouldn’t mind that at all.
So let them in to see how much work really needs to get done. This will lead to more accurate and fairer pricing and will eliminate the headaches associated with high costs.

  1. Evaluate Your Workload

Though it’s hardly talked about, many removal companies require a minimum workload to engage in the removal process. If the workload is too small, they cannot cover the cost of removal—especially if they are affordably priced.
This means that you should take a good look around before deciding to contact a removal service. How much stuff are you really moving? Could you do it yourself and still remain stress free?
The minimum threshold for many removal companies is two hours, though it’s better to check with each service directly to see what their policies are. If you believe the removal process is something that could easily be handled alone, it may be better to simply forego the removal service and do the work yourself—but only if you are comfortable. This will help ensure that both you and the removal service get your money’s worth.
The Future of Removal
Keeping the cost of moving houses in 2019 in mind, you will want to truly understand the benefits and advantages associated with hiring a removal service. In general, moving to a new home can be an expensive process. This means that you want to do everything you can to minimize costs, especially as housing prices increase.
Though it may seem contradictory at first, removal can save you money in the long run. By saving you time and ensuring accurate delivery, removal services are in fact giving you the opportunity to focus on your work (hence making more money) and are saving you the hassle of replacing expensive breakables.
What’s cheaper: a quality removal service or a new computer and home stereo system?
Understanding what costs are now and how they may change in the future is crucial in finding a good removal service. If you are unsure what is best for you, simply contact the removal services in your area and work with them directly to find a price that is optimal for your situation. In the end, this will make your removal process painless and affordable.
Just as it’s supposed to be.
Moving can be crazy. There is simply so much they you have to keep up with, from family and finances to work and removal. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in the moving process that we can’t enjoy our new homes. Hiring a removal service can help you settle down and enjoy your new home from the start.
Furthermore, the additional benefits of removal services ensure that the removal process will be reliable and timely. This is perfect for those families wishing to make the move swiftly and without issue.
The advantages of hiring a removal service are numerous. More time, less stress, and safer delivery? Great!

Yes, moving can be crazy—but removal doesn’t have to be….

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