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We are a professional fully insured and registered house clearance company in London . Our team is fully trained and experienced to provide a full range of house clearance services. We believe in providing a high quality service with excellent customer service. We have over 160 five stars reviews in our google places page. google recommend us.

Moving from one place to another is never easy.

Like it or not, everyone has to do it at one point of their lives.

Maybe, you got a new job that requires you to move somewhere closer. 

Maybe you have finally bought yourself a new house and need to move your belongings from your old place to a new one.

Or maybe you have finally bought an office space in a better area and want to move out of your dingy office into the nice new complex.

 In either case, when it comes to shifting from one place to another, it is simply not something you can do by yourself! 

You need help. No amount of help you can get. It’s practically impossible for you to take out all your furniture, fixtures and fittings and what not, simply by yourself, and safely move it somewhere else.

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 If you even try to attempt such a feat, chances are you will end up with more damage costs than anything else. Furniture is bulky. Fixtures are difficult to remove and even everything else might be delicate and can easily get damaged when being transported from one place to the next. 

If you want to avoid such mishaps, then you need to contact a reliable house clearance service provider! 

When moving out of one place, be it your office or your home, there is so much that needs to be taken in to account, for instance, transportation of delicate or fragile items in such a way that there are no serious damages done to your expensive items.

House Clearance Company in East London

Also your furniture should reach your new house/office safely, without any damage, in one piece.

 When you make a home for yourself, there are so many things you need. Most of these things are onetime expenses and they are expensive, mind you. Hence, having them damaged during moving can not only be heart-breaking but also very costly. 

House Clearance Services near me

Then there is also the hassle of transport. None of us happen to own large trucks. At the very most, we own a nice little wagon or car. How are you to transport a kind sized bed or perhaps even a dining table for six in a small convertible car? You cannot! Which is exactly keeping all these things in mind, you are going to need a house clearing service provider that you can trust. 

Lucky for you we are a reliable company that is providing house clearance services in London.

Whether it is about moving from an old house to a grand new one, whether it is from one rented apartment to another one, or even if it is one office to another more upscale setup, we are especially designed to cater to your needs. 

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Clearing out your old space and moving in a new one is never easy. Therefore we try to make sure that we make this difficult and arduous process as easy and smooth sailing for you as possible. Our services are premium and make sure that during this difficult time, your belongings are absolutely safe and sound. 

Our team of professionals are extremely well trained and will endeavour to ensure the safety of all your belongings.

 Oftentimes it happens that during the shifting process, items are lost, broken or damaged. You will have to fear none of that when it comes to our services. Our number one priority is to make our customers feel at ease about their house clearance. 

What information do I need to provide so that you can send me a quotation?

If you are someone looking to relocate from one place to another in London, we can easily make it happen for you. 

Our prices are reasonable and it doesn’t matter how large your setup is, we are fully equipped to help you out in every way possible. 

MTC is perhaps one of the best house clearances in London. Even at this moment we are helping over fifty different clients with their shifting process. You can count on us to provide you a service that is absolutely hassle free and without any stress whatsoever.

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Why hire us? What makes us special?

One thing we take pride in is our customer care. We know moving and relocating from one place to another is overwhelming for many. Hence our aim is to help our valuable customer feel relaxed and less anxious, while we take care of everything for them.

Our home clearance services comes with the following features to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Superior quality service

The service provided by us isn’t an ordinary one, but a premium quality service, that’s aimed to make our clients feel happy and special in every possible we can, making sure  their house clearance is done smoothly, hassle free, without having them worrying about a single thing. Yes, we are that confident about our services.

London House Clearance Company

A caring service that takes care of our customers’ belongings as if they were our own

We will ensure that everything from your furniture to your appliances to your every tiniest belonging will find their way to your new house without getting lost or misplaced. 

Our services are designed to be the best in London. We understand that there are not enough professional removal companies out there and have set out to amend that. We try to take care of our customers’ belongings as if they were our own. Not just some items to be picked up, loaded in the back of a truck and dumped into another place. We cater to everything carefully and cautiously to make sure nothing goes amiss. 

A team of experienced professionals

Our team of experts is professionals and incredible approachable so as to put you at ease and will always be ready to take your views and advices into account when helping you move. 

Large and spacious vehicles

What is more is that our vehicles are large and spacious, specially designed to carry heavy loads and large items. 

Fast and hassle free service

Depending on the size of your house and number of belongings, we can assure you that we will provide the fastest moving and house clearing service in London! Our workers are diligent and incredibly efficient, which means they will get the job done in expertly and diligently in the least amount of time possible. 

Affordable rates and value for your money

House Clearance Services London –  MTC Removals 

Another huge reason behind our growing success is the fact that we offer affordable rates and great value for your money! What would you rather do? Lose your belongings and risk damage to your things in an attempt to save money while choosing a cheaper house clearance company? Or trust us to make sure all goes well during your move?

So if you are someone getting headaches over your upcoming move, contact us now and get a free quote!

Get a free instant online estimate for a “House Clearance Services London“, or Call us on 0800 294 0566 to speak to a member of our team.


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