Is life in the United Kingdom Easy?

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If you’re moving to the United Kingdom, or if you’re just curious about what life is like there, you’ll want to check out our new blog post.

Moving to a new country can be daunting, but we’re here to help make the process as smooth as possible. In our latest blog post, we explore what life is like in the United Kingdom. From the cost of living to the weather, We cover everything you need to know before making the move.

Whether you’re moving for work or for school, our guide will help make your transition easier.


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AlI depends on your perspective. Relative to other places in the world, life in the United Kingdom is easy. But compared to some other parts of the United Kingdom, life may be more difficult. For example, if you are from a rural area and are used to living a simple life, moving to London may be very difficult.
On the whole, though, I would say that life in the United Kingdom is easy. There is a wealth of resources available for residents, and most basic needs are easily met. One thing that makes life in the United Kingdom easy is that it is a relatively small country. This means that you can get almost anywhere in a relatively short amount of time. And compared to some other countries, public transportation.

How Easy is the British way of Life?

However, one thing that is definitely true is that moving to the U.K. can be a challenge, especially if you’re not used to living in a big city.

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What is Life like in United Kingdom?

Life in the United Kingdom is definitely unique. There are so many interesting things to see and do, and the people are incredibly welcoming and friendly. Of course, with any country there are pros and cons, but overall I think the UK is a great place to call home.
One of the things I love most about living here is the abundance of cultural experiences available. From theatre to music, art exhibitions to dance performances, there’s always something new happening. And if culture isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there’s plenty of nightlife and shopping options too! Plus, as one of the world’s major financial centres, working opportunities are plentiful.

The downside to living in such a bustling city is that

Is it a Good idea to Live in the UK?

There are pros and cons to living in any country, and the UK is no exception. Some people may find the cost of living to be high, while others may appreciate the safety and security of living in a developed nation.
One thing to consider if you’re thinking about moving to the UK is that the weather can be quite unpredictable. You might experience all four seasons in a single day! That said, the UK is a diverse and beautiful country with plenty to offer its residents. If you’re interested in finding out more, I suggest doing some research online or contacting a local removal company like MTC Removals for advice on moving there.
Financing a life in the UK can be hard for many expats. The first thing is to find employment and having a secure job and income, as well as setting up residence. Living costs in London are expensive: accommodation, transport, food and entertainment. Savings need to last at least six months after arrival, especially if you do not know if you will find employment easily.
If you are thinking of moving to the UK, one of your first considerations should be how to finance your life there. Before you decide to relocate, check out our advice for financing a life in the UK.
The cost of living in London is higher than anywhere else in the UK and expats find it difficult to cope with the high cost of living in London. Renting can be very expensive and you should not expect to get much for your money. Good areas are very popular, so finding a place that is affordable may be impossible. For this reason many expats decide they would rather rent than buy property in the UK.


What are reasons why one should NOT Move to the UK?

The UK has a very strict immigration policy – it can be difficult to get a visa or work permit.

1. High cost of living – The UK is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Rent, food, and transportation are all very costly.
2. Language barrier – Unless you’re proficient in English, you’ll likely have a difficult time communicating with locals.
3. Weather – The weather in the UK is often cold and wet. It can be quite depressing for some people.

There are lots of reasons to move to UK: a beautiful country with a rich history,

Is it a Good idea to Move to England? What are the Pros and Cons of Living There?

1. Racism, everything from open “in your face” racism to subtle jabs which might go over your head due to their “passive agressive” nature. You’ll get rejected from clubs by bouncers with “house full mate” (despite wearing proper attire and later you might see several others strut past you), yobs will call you “Paki” and might physically assault you or push you to gain a reaction (this happens in many pubs and clubs), many people will see you as a “rapist Indian” (despite the UK having more rapes percapita than India- this is explained away with “the migrants caused it”), most girls will scoff at you in clubs or use you as a ticket to buy drinks.

All this leads to you getting isolated and mingling with only other people of your own ethnicity (and the rare “enlightened” Britisher). I can count 3 “close” British friends over my stay there for 2 years, all my other close friends were “internationals” such as Chinese, Mexicans, S.Americans etc.

You really should go out of your way and act extremely extroverted to make “local friendships”, unlike in India – nobody would come and speak with you of their own volition (unless they are of similar ethnicity), I am extremely introverted and had to go to extreme lengths (such as avoiding hanging out with Indians) to do this and as a result I made 50 or so acquaintances, but was never a part of “their group”, I only became close with 3 and hung out with them nearly everyday, got them to visit India etc, still keep in regular touch. Many Indians or Chinese people I know, lack any British friends – even as acquaintances and live in a “bubble”.

Despite this racism isn’t as bad as might be elsewhere in the world and is not institutionalized, you do have strong avenues for recourse if you were “officially discriminated”. Black folk aren’t incarcerated at a disproportionate rate like in the US and the police are amazing and not authoritarians with guns.

2. Cold, unfriendly and unhospitable attitudes, especially for someone coming from social, open and hospitable countries like India or Mexico. The weather perfectly reflects the people, cold, dreary, often rainy with occassional sunshine. People will avoid you or try to look away when you approach them to say ask for directions, no-one will bother to warn you on the street if you are walking on the street with your backpack open, people put their kids on leashes and look at you weird when you smile at children (unlike India you can’t smile or speak in “parent tease” with others kids), neighbours won’t talk to you or come bearing sweets etc when you move in. The only people who are openly friendly and invite you to food are the people who are trying to evangelize (convert you to their religion).

Superficially however everybody has perfect manners and say thank you, please etc, open doors for you and queue up for their turn. I found old men and women are very friendly if talked to (sadly many are lonely) and I’ve had several interesting conversations with them where they complain about their kids/health and how they never talked or visit them (this is such a big problem that I joined a service where you visit old people for tea and make them feel happy for a day).

3. NHS is notionally “free” (no longer for international students) but is the worst health care service I’ve ever experienced. You can’t ever get to see a doctor immediately, they give you “appointments” at a later date at an uncomfortable time for a limited duration even to just get a consultation (10 mins, 20 if requested).
One of my Chinese friends broke his nose playing football, was not provided an ambulance despite being in extreme pain (we had to take a taxi) and was told to come back after a patch up despite having a hair line fracture.

There were several times where despite being severely ill, I just self medicated and went on with my day rather than bothering with the NHS. I’ve stayed an entire week sick on the bed as the NHS wouldn’t give me a reasonable appointment, in India this would take a 10 min trip to a clinic an injection and Rs 500 (GBP 5) to fix.

I was feeling abnormally tired and wanted to check it up. The consultation was set in one week, the doctor recommended a blood test, that took one more, another consultation, then was told I lacked enough Vitamin D (due to dark skin and less sunshine), it took them nearly 4 weeks and a blood test to tell them I needed a fkin Vitamin pill! Any doctor worth their salt would have said it within 10 minutes in India. Despite these severe shortcomings, several people believe “migrants” come there to “abuse” their “wonderful” free health care.

Despite these shortcomings there were some positives:

1. Food: Food of all sort from every country, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, I’ve tried it all and it was amazing, as good as the food in Dubai, Singapore etc.

2. Sunshine when it happens turn the place into heaven, rolling green pastures with tiny white flowers, flowers of all colours, thick woods and parks in the middle of the city, barbeques and amazing sausages (Richmond was my favourite). Amazing places of natural beauty from Isle of Sky to Isle of Wight, Durdle Door, Loch Ness, Bath, Lake District, Dover, Cornwall. Drive offroad and visit any country side when its shining, go golfing, several times I just pick a direction and walk for hours with my Camera I’ve never seen such a variety of beautiful sights elsewhere, even the graveyards can be hauntingly beautiful.

3. Weed (this is one way to meet “open minded” local people), the weed was of very high quality, you won’t get similar quality weed in India (unless you go for hash). Once you smoke there, you wouldn’t touch the brick weed in India. I’ve been to several music festivals and Boomtown is a must visit, when you go to a psytrance event like this, there’s not a single fight, people raged up off drinking too much, guys hitting on women all the time etc, just good music and friendly people.

4. Clubbing, nightlife there is something else, streets turn alive with revellers at 2 am when people exit clubs, the scenes you see, ah the scenes you see. Loud groups of people singing, dancing, drunk lads and lasses staggering and falling down, the occasional street brawl (quickly broken up by the efficient Met cops who don’t carry any lethal weaponry), the occasional streaker, crazy scenes to witness.

5. Architecture, I love London’s style, charm and fell in love with the city. It is the most diverse city on earth and you will not face the same problems I faced elsewhere. It is in fact my most favorite city in the world, you’ll find a micro cosmos of every country from Chinatown to Bengali streets to Arab streets. You’ll experience gleaming skyscrapers of Canary Wharf to vast parks such as Hyde park to extreme shopping at Harrods to Historical wonders of the National History Museum to Modern Art at Tates to the amazing architecture of St Pauls to the castles Buckingham, Windsor etc to the wonderful pubs and food options to amazing street performances to perfect public transport options enabling you to walk everywhere (unlike the cities in US where you would always need to rent a car or take a taxi). The only disadvantage is that it costs an arm and a leg to live there and is one among the world’s most expensive cities to live in

 Is the UK a depressing place to live?

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Depends on what you mean by depressing. According to the World Happiness Report, which ranks 156 countries by their happiness levels, the UK is ranked 19th happiest country in the world.
However, if you’re talking about weather, then yes it can be quite depressing when it’s cold and rainy for months on end. Or if you’re not a fan of big cities, then London and other urban areas might not be your cup of tea. But there are plenty of other places in the UK to live that are much more charming and picturesque.

If you’re looking for a friendly place to live with lots of things to do, then the UK is a great place to be. The people are generally friendly

The UK is one of the most developed counties in the world, but with that comes certain problems. Is this what makes it a depressing place to live? Looking around you will see people huddled up on the streets wrapped in coats and scarfs just trying to keep warm. Is this just how people are

in the UK or is it something more? Is this down to the weather, culture or issues with the education system?

Is it due to an increase of older people in the population who are immobile and cannot get out of their homes to keep active. Is this down to personal choice? Is this just how people want to live their lives? Is it just because the UK has now built concrete jungles rather than places which are friendly to people.

Is this due to an increase in modern technology?

Is this causing us to become isolated and not want to leave our homes? Is it true that pupil numbers are down across primary, secondary and even universities? Is this making people less likely to socialise? Is this because people are staying at home more now rather than going out. Is it due to the rise of immigrants who prefer to stay in groups with their own kind? Is people’s dislike for them making them less likely to socialise. Is this because they are seen as an immigrant or perhaps is it down to the colour of their skin? Is this making people’s lives a lot more depressing.

Is the rise in immigration causing people to become poorer resulting in them not being able to afford luxuries such as going out. Is it due to those who have been unemployed for a long time now, having no motivation or sense of purpose, leading them into depression and therefore staying at home. Is this because there is a lack of jobs in the UK? Is it due to an increase in zero hour contracts, making people worry about money all the time?

Is this causing them to become depressed by thinking about their financial state all the time. Is it down to the rise of benefit claimants who are seen as lazy and therefore not working. Is this making people, who are working also see themselves as lazy and therefore stay at home rather than going out.

Is it down to an increase in single person households? Is this causing an increase in depression because they feel lonely and alienated Is is due to the nature of modern day relationships, with people having a more difficult time finding long term partners Is this because people are unable to commit, Is it because they are finding love in all the wrong places Is it down to an increase in social media Is this becoming a platform for depression Is it due to an increase in violence within our communities Is this causing people to feel unsafe Is is down to the lack of respect Is this making people unhappy with the way society is Is it down to the rise of technology.

Is this making people feel isolated Is it down to an increase in mental health Is this causing feelings of depression and sadness Is is due to a decrease in community Is this making people feel alienated Is it because we are not spending enough time with our children Is this then forming their future Is is down to an increase in single parent Is this causing people to feel isolated Is it down to an increase in the use of social Is this making us feel depressed Is it because people are not happy with themselves Is is due to a rise in depression Is is down to an increase in violence Is is down to the rise of tuition fees Is this making university students unhappy

Conclusion :

United Kingdom is a place with a rich history and diverse culture. There are many things to see and do in this amazing country. Whether you’re interested in the stunning architecture, lively nightlife, or beautiful countryside, United Kingdom has something for everyone. We hope this article has given you a better idea of what life is like in United Kingdom.

Have you been to this fascinating country? If so, what were your favourite places to visit?

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