Steps for Moving to a New House – Pre-Move Essentials

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Moving to a New Home – When’s the Best Time to Start Planning?

Moving is part of life. Although not everyone wants it or likes the discomfort that comes with it, everyone gets to move from their apartment or house to a new one at one point in their life for different reasons.
Although it can be exciting to move into a new house, a new neighbourhood or a new apartment, one thing is constant; moving can be stressful and expensive. While you may consider only the steps taken like packing and unpacking when moving to be the only challenges you’ll encounter while settling into your new home, it’s more! It is those little things you do after moving in that makes the most difference.

These little things might include getting to know your way around your new place, how it functions and prioritizing the projects to tackle.

When is the Best time to Start Planning?

If you’re planning to move out of your current home or apartment, it is understandable to ask questions and these will help you plan better to have a smooth transition into your new home. One of the most asked questions about moving is; When is the best time to start planning?

Knowing that planning is the key to a successful move, how much planning needed and the best time to consider so you can have enough time to put every detail together can be a little confusing. The simple answer to this is that it is best to start planning your move at the earliest possible time. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your movement, you should start planning your move the moment you decide to take the big step. This could take a year, 6 months or even 3 months!

Here are some of the factors you should consider while making your plan;

Distance: The farther your new destination is from your current place of residence, the more meticulous planning you’ll need to make your move a seamless one. For example, planning to move to a different part of your city or a neighbouring city is much easier than planning to move across the country. When you are moving across the country, you’ll consider a lot of things including paperwork coordinating logistics. However, in the case of logistics, you can make things easier for you by involving the services of a removal company like MTC London Removals Company.

Family Size: If you’re moving alone or just with your partner, planning is usually simpler but when you’re moving with your household, the larger your family size, the more complications you’re likely to encounter. So, if you’re moving with your family, you must start planning much earlier.


Another important factor to consider when planning your relocation is the season. If you’re planning to move during peak periods, it’s advisable to start planning at least 3 to 4 months earlier.
In general, it is important to start planning your relocation several months ahead before your decided date


How Long does it Take to Move into a House?

The process of moving into a new house starts from finding an appropriate new home or apartment to move to. Finding a new home can be a bit stressful and could take either a couple of days or a couple of months since finding the appropriate house for you and your family in your desired area is subject to your choice and availability. If you’re going to apply for a mortgage on your new property, it will take some time but if you’re going to rent a house, the process will be faster and easier and could get all loose ends tied up in one week.
The second factor that could affect the timeline of moving into your new home is the moving company. Finding the right company with respectable and experienced professionals who will take extra care in moving your belongings can take a while as you have to find several ones, investigate them before making a decision.

However, if you’re reading this, you won’t need to take time on this anymore since MTC London removals company which has over 6000 followings on Instagram comes highly recommended. Having served Greater London for over 12 years with positive experiences and over 130 5 – star reviews on their services, you can rest assured that you’ll have a seamless relocation.

Getting your self or your family ready to move is the last but not the least thing you should consider. It might take you about a month to put your paperwork together. They include;

  • Transferring utilities

  • Collecting and Organizing personal documents and financial records

  • Getting your family health records

  • Children’s school records

  • Transferring your driver’s licence

  • Cancelling any subscription or membership related to your current residence

  • Change of address

  • Getting your pet’s health certificate and vaccination records

Apart from the documents, you might need to create a moving inventory list to help you organize your belongings, sort out the useless ones and pack each one in the appropriately labelled box. All these processes take time. Therefore, moving into a new house could take a while or a couple of months. However, it solely depends on you and the timeline it takes you to achieve all these vital actions.

What is the First thing to do When Moving into a New House?

A lot of things are considered as very important when moving to a new house. However, let’s talk about the first things you must do when moving into a new house.
The best time to understand where you’re moving into, have a complete walkthrough of the new house and know where all the doors and rooms are is when it’s still empty. So before you get your things ready to move, you must go round your new house, have a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior. During these, you should be able to double-check that the requested repairs to damages done by the previous owner have been done.

You’ll also be able to confirm that everything you agreed on during the sales are present in the house and also that the switches, outlets and all fixtures are functional.
Moving into first house figure out if you need a to put a pet-proof and where to put them especially if you have children. Take a better look at all the rooms in your new home and figure out where to place each of your belongings so you will properly label them when packing it for the movers. Make sure all utilities are set up in your new home and do a deep clean, change your locks and meet your new neighbours.

What do you do to get used to a new place after moving?

Making your new place to feel like home can be a bit difficult especially if you lived in your last home for a very long time. However, there are many things you can do to get used to your new place after moving. Get enough cash on you: This is very important as it will help you take out the feeling of insecurity so you can easily get a ride, a local SIM card or enjoy a good coffee after a long flight.

Find out the most important addresses and take note of them: This includes the address of your new home, your street, shopping malls nearby, grocery stores, pharmacy, post office, library, parks and many more. You don’t have to rely on taxi drivers, the internet is your friend, get around with it. Discover these important places and find out the easiest way to get to them from your new home.

Be open and get ready to meet new people: Being in a new place where you have no friends can get you thinking that the best thing is to stay indoors and probably watch TV all day. This is wrong and won’t help you acclimatize to your new environment. It’s time to make new relationships. So, step out of your home, take a walk, attend local events, volunteer and take new classes, join a sports league so you can make new friends. Interact with them, learn more about your new community from them and keep in touch!

Moving Home Removals Company – MTC Removals 

Take some time and relax: Change is good. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. So, quit worrying about how to make your new place feel like home. Get on with the things you normally do in your old place, take evening walks, go for a run in the morning, read a book, see a movie, talk about everything with your family and with time things will get back to normal.
Moving into a new home is not easy, however, with the right decisions, you can make it less stressful by choosing the right movers from the start. Whether it’s a far or near place, MTC London Removals Company is experienced and remains a company you can trust for your seamless relocations.

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