What is the Hardest Room to Pack when Moving?

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The Hardest Room in the House to Pack

Moving can be an overwhelming experience. On average, it takes about four days to methodically place one’s belongings into extra strong cardboard boxes before removal day. From the living room to the garage, every space presents its unique challenges. But which is the hardest room in the house to pack? Let’s dive into it.


From the kitchen to the bathroom and even the shed, each room has its quirks. Every mover has pondered over the most time-consuming room to pack in a house or the room with the most breakable items. The consensus? It varies, but we’re here to explore the room that is the most challenging to pack in a house. Moving is a daunting task, especially when it comes to packing. On average, it takes about four days to pack a one-bedroom apartment, and the difficulty increases with more rooms. So which is the hardest room in the house to pack? 


Kitchen: The Breakable Dilemma


  • Mostly sturdy utensils and appliances.


  • Most breakable items.
  • Many oddly shaped items, like pots and pans.

Description: The kitchen often ranks high as the most challenging room to pack in a house due to the variety of items with different shapes, sizes, and fragility. Here’s a guide on how to pack your entire home, including those tricky kitchen utensils.


Living Room: A Sentimental Journey


  • Comfortable packing of sofas and chairs.


  • Most sentimental items.
  • Expensive electronics.

Description: From treasured photographs to pricey electronics, the living room can be a demanding space. Follow this guide to a smooth house removals process to ensure your precious belongings are treated with care.


Bedrooms: Clothing, Jewelry, and Personal Items


  • Clothing can be packed into suitcases.
  • Mostly lightweight items.


  • Often contains expensive items like jewelry.
  • Items that are time-sensitive.

Description: Bedrooms are often underestimated. Pack your clothes efficiently and ensure that valuable items are secured. Consult this guide to keeping removal costs down to save on expenses.


Bathrooms: Don’t Forget the Toiletries


  • Small in size.


  • Many small and leak-prone items.

Description: Bathrooms might be the room most likely to be forgotten. Make sure you follow this checklist a week before you move to avoid last-minute scrambling.


Garage/Shed: Hefty and Hazardous


  • Bulkier items without the need for special packaging.


  • Most hazardous items.
  • Oddly shaped tools.

Description: With heavy, sharp, and often hazardous materials, the garage or shed is the room that is most likely to be a safety hazard. Here’s how to move house quickly without sacrificing safety.


Tips for Packing the Hardest Room

  1. Create a Timeline: Planning ahead can reduce the stress of moving house.
  2. Consider Professional Help: Here’s how professional packers and movers help.
  3. Pack with Care: Safety first! Here are tips to safely lift heavy boxes.
  4. Consider Special Rooms: If you have pets, here’s how to move house with pets.

MTC Removals: Your Moving Companion

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These FAQs cover various aspects of packing different rooms in a house and can provide quick answers to common concerns during the moving process.


Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: What is the hardest room in the house to pack? A: The kitchen is often considered the hardest room to pack due to a large number of breakable items, appliances, and oddly shaped utensils.

Q: Which is the most time-consuming room to pack in a house? A: The living room can be the most time-consuming, especially if it contains many sentimental or expensive items that require careful handling.

Q: What room takes the longest to pack in a house? A: The garage or shed may take the longest due to the presence of hazardous materials, tools, and bulky items.

Q: Which is the most difficult room to pack in a house? A: The most difficult room can vary, but bathrooms can be surprisingly challenging due to small, leak-prone items.

Q: Which room is the most stressful to pack in a house? A: The room with the most sentimental items, often the living room, can be the most stressful due to emotional attachments.

Q: Which room is the most overwhelming to pack in a house? A: Rooms with the most clutter, such as a packed attic or basement, can be the most overwhelming.

Q: What room has the most breakable items? A: The kitchen typically has the most breakable items, including glassware and china.

Q: Which room is most likely to be forgotten when packing? A: Smaller spaces like bathrooms or utility rooms are often overlooked and can be forgotten.

Q: Which room is most likely to be damaged in transit? A: Rooms with fragile items, such as the living room or kitchen, may be more prone to damage if not packed properly.

Q: Which room is most likely to cause stress during a move? A: The room with the most sentimental or expensive items, often the living room or bedroom, can cause the most stress.

Q: Which room is most likely to require professional help when packing? A: Rooms with heavy furniture, complex electronics, or hazardous materials, such as the living room or garage, may require professional assistance.

Q: Which room is most likely to be a safety hazard when packing? A: The garage or shed, with sharp tools and heavy equipment, can be the biggest safety hazard.

Q: Which room is most likely to be a source of conflict between family members during packing? A: Rooms containing shared or disputed items, such as children’s toys or family heirlooms, may lead to conflicts.

Q: What room is most likely to increase the cost of a move? A: Rooms with difficult-to-access items or specialty pieces, like a home theater or art collection, may increase moving costs due to the need for specialized handling.




Packing might be the most overwhelming part of moving, but with proper guidance and professional help, it can be a smooth process. Whether it’s the room with the most clutter or the most sentimental items, every space can be managed efficiently.

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