How To Pack Clothes for Moving

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What is the Easiest Way to Pack Clothes for Moving?


Of course, you must be excited to move to your new house or even office but when it comes to moving from your house to another, packing clothes might be the biggest headache to you. Maybe, you don’t know where to start and how. Worry not, we got you. In this article, you are going to learn the best ways to pack your clothes while moving. You will also learn the different kinds of packing methods that are suitable for your clothes, the best way to pack hanging clothes and lastly how the movers pack your clothes. Importantly you will be able to know about the MTC Removal Company based in London, Uk.

Learn the Best Ways to Pack your Clothes

First and foremost, you need to make sure that all the clothes are well packed, out of any damage, and tidily packed. To make sure that they are safe, there are tips that you need to consider while packing them.

Tips on what to do when packing clothes to avoid damages.

Keep hanging clothes on hangers

Fold the clothes properly and keep them in dresser drawers 

Line suitcases and cardboard boxes with packing paper

Reuse package boxes of your shoes

Use plastic baggies to protect the jewellery 

Wrap sharp objects to avoid accidents while packing


Where will you pack your clothes?

Of course, you must have asked yourself where you need to pack these clothes. There are several boxes where you can pack them well.

  1. Cardboard boxes – These are industrially prefabricated boxes that you can use to pack your clothes, close well, and carry easily to your preferred destination.
  2. Wardrobe boxes – These are specially designed boxes that are used to safely store your clothes especially when moving. Clothes are well folded and arranged in the box for easy carrying.
  3. Suitcases – These are large bags that are used to store your folded clothes and shoes while transporting. Using suitcases is highly recommended since it saves cost and it’s safe.
  4. Duffel bags – These are small bags that store your clothes. All you need to do is just to roll your clothes and pack them in for easy moving.
  5. Vacuum or compression bags – These are reusable bags used for storage and used to pack clothes while moving. They condense clothing items while protecting them from any elements. 


Step by Step on How to Pack your Clothes

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you should pack your clothes when you are moving. Follow it keenly and you will have a easy time while moving to your new house.
Phase 1; decide what you want to move with and what you don’t need to move with. 
Avoid carrying with you clothes that you no longer wear any more. Perhaps, you can just donate them to the needy or even selling them. Open your wardrobe and separate the clothes into three piles, the clothes you are keeping, the clothes you are selling, and the clothes that you are donating. 
Phase 2; Sort your clothes by type, material, and season.
By type – If you have different types of clothes, consider arranging them as per their type. Pack shorts together, shirts together, jeans together, t-shirts together, dresses together, tops, etc.
By season – If you are in an area where whether changes in seasons, you should pack your clothes according to the season occurrence. If it is summer right now, consider packing the winter clothes first so that you will have the summer clothes on top for easy access.
By material – If you have different clothes of same material, you can consider packing them together. For example if you have a lot of wool sweaters, it would be best if you pack them together. With this, you will be able to keep them fresh and intact in one box.
Phase 3; grab a suitcase, box or a duffel bag for each member of the family and mark it. This will help each member of the family access their clothes easily without any mixing of clothes. 
Phase 4; to avoid disarranging them in future while looking for clothes to wear, pack the clothes you wear least first. This will make you access the clothes that you wear frequently easily since they will be at the top. Also, remember to include enough socks, underwear, and pajamas since you may need them frequently.
Phase 5; choose the best packing method that suits you best. Since there are different methods of packing, you can choose the right one depending on what you consider while packing them.


Different Methods of Packing Clothes for Moving

While packing there are different kinds of methods that you can use while packing your clothes for moving. Among them are

  1. Use of wardrobe boxes – These are large boxes that allow you to carry your hanging clothes while moving. They have an area where you can hang the hangers that you have hanged your clothes. 
  2. Using cloth drawers – These are fine boxes that allow you to put in your folded clothes in and move them safely. These boxes also act as storage boxes for your clothes.
  3. Wrapping hanging clothes – This is used when you are not going too far. All you have to do is just put them in hangers, group them into 5 -15 groups and tie them together with a garbage paper or a sheet to avoid dirtying them while moving.
  4. Clothing bundles – Here, your clothes will be packed in bundles where you will have easy time while drawing the clothes in and out of the boxes. You have to take a large clothe like a jacket and place it on a flat surface, load it with light pieces of clothes and close it together forming a large bundle. You can now put the bundle in a box the heaviest being at the bottom.
  5. Use of small boxes – Since when clothes are packed together might become so heavy, you need to pack them is small boxes to make it easy for you to carry them with ease.

Professional Packing Service London

The Best Way to Pack Hanging Clothes
Hanging clothes are those that do not need to be folded in order for them to be stored while moving. All you need is just hang them on a hanger and store them in a wardrobe hanging. These clothes may include shirts, coats, blazers, etc. 

  1. Wardrobe boxes – The best way to pack hanging clothes is by using wardrobe boxes. They are rectangular boxes that have a hanging rod where you hang the clothes using your hangers. Their rods are strong enough to hold the hangers and support clothes without any damage. Although they seem expensive, they are worth.
  2. Trash or garments bags – These are not too expensive and they are easy to access. You just have to collectively band 5-15 hanging cloths together on hangers. They are advantageous since you can save the space by placing them on other boxes while moving.
  3. Portable hanging racks – These are racks that are used especially when moving with a truck. All you have to do is just to move your hanging clothes from one rack to another. You can also protect them from dust and dirt by covering them with a trash bag or a sheet.



How Do you Wrap Clothes for Moving?

The Best Way to Pack non Hanging Clothes

Non-hanging clothes are those clothes that do not need to be hanged on hangers in order to be stored or while moving. These may include shorts, pajamas, underwear, trousers, t-shirts, etc. As we have seen earlier, the best way to pack the non-hanging clothes is by packing them in dresser drawers, leaving them there, and tape up the drawers. 
How to pack shoes for moving
Since shoes are part of our clothing, you also need to pack them well when moving. If you don’t want your shoes to lose their shape when moving, make sure that you stuff each one of them using socks or packing papers to retain their initial shape. Also, wrap them one by one with packing paper to avoid scuffing.
Make sure that you pack them toe to heel, or sole to sole. Lastly, you have to make sure that you pack your heaviest shoes like the boots first. If you pack them on other light shoes, they might crush them and make them lose their initial shape. You have to protect them and make sure that everything is in place before closing that box or that bag for moving.

How do Movers Pack Clothes?

When you plan to move, you may consider getting some movers to help you in packing and transporting your belongings to your new house. Movers will provide packing materials like wardrobe boxes and other places where they can put in your clothes. They will also provide special bags, boxes, tape, and shrink wrap in order to make sure that your clothes are safe and secure from any damage.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Basically, they will use the above discussed methods to help you pack and move your belongings without having any damage. They know what to do and what to consider while you are moving to your new house. However, you might also be involved in giving suggestions on how you will need them to pack and carry your belongings.
Extra tips on safety while moving
Moving from your old house to your new house may seem exciting. But, there are hazards that come along while you are packing your clothes for moving. This may occur mostly if you are doing this on your own without consulting any movers or professionals. Below are what you need to do and what not to do when moving.

  1. Do not over pack.

Even if the box in which you are packing your clothes is not yet full, consider the weight of the box. Each moving boxes have specific weights that are designed to carry and if you exceed it, it may bring an arm to your belongings or even you. Generally, do not exceed 50 pounds in small boxes, 65 pounds in medium sized boxes and 70 pounds in large boxes.

  1. Wrap all sharp objects 

Make sure that sharp objects are well wrapped to avoid accidents. Things like jewels, nail cutters, knives, forks, etc need to be handled with a lot of care to avoid injuries while moving.

  1. Dress properly.

You need to be extra free and flexible while lifting these boxes. You should not have tight clothes that may hinder you from bending and squatting comfortably. This can be hazardous since you may tear your cloth while bending to pick or drop a box.

  1. Follow the proper lifting protocol 

If there is a specific way in which you are supposed to lift a box, adhere to it. You must have seen boxes with labels like ‘This side up’ meaning that that side should be on top. 

  1. Avoid lifting more than you can.

You should avoid lifting boxes that are too heavy for you. They may bring health issues or even make you fall while carrying them. You need to lift the recommended weight for you.

  1. Keep a clear path way.

Make sure that you have a clear way that you will be using while carrying these boxes. Having barriers or other boxes on the way may cause accidents while carrying the boxes. You need to clear a way that you will be using and make sure that it is safe for you.
Having learned about all you need to know while moving, you need to seek more help from movers who will help you move with all your belongings safely. It would best if you considered MTC London Removal Company. We are a London Removals Company based in London, UK. We will help you move whether it is from your house to another house, office to another, it doesn’t matter. We will move you comfortably. Fortunately, the distance does not matter too. Feel free to visit our website here for more information. 

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