What Will you Feel if your Friend is Moving Out to Another City?

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Are you Going to Feel Sad if Your Friend Moves Out of Town?

How to Deal With a Friend Moving Away

You’ll feel a sense of loss. You’ll feel like you’re losing a part of yourself. You’ll feel like you’re losing your connection to the world.You’ll also feel happy for your friend. You’ll be happy that she’s getting the opportunity to pursue her dreams. You’ll be happy that she’s finding a new adventure. You’ll be happy that she’s moving on with her life.

Losing a friend is never easy, but it’s important to remember that the friendship isn’t going away completely. You two will still be able to stay in touch, and you two will still be able to support each other from afar.

I want to answer this on my personal experience. But its not much related to the question!!

So, i was the one who was moving away.

I want to tell you how i felt.

I really dint have much friends in that city I live in, except for my best friend who lives in the other corner from my place, its almost like we stay in different cities but can meet easily.

So i had a thought of finding new life like having a social life. I wanted to have a social life since soo long but as i was a introvert it was extremely difficult. But i had this plan that when i go to a new city i can turn into an extrovert and no one would notice my change in personality. That was my actual plan, succesfully in this new city i have got many friends but still i am reserved to myself but i talk to people more freely then before.

My best friend is still my best friend and i love her soo much. We keep visiting eachother very often or when ever we can, still i miss her though.

We both are happy about my life right now because i became a better person then before.

Yeah everything is happy.

Coming to your question..

My best friend is an extrovert, but she shared with me about how she felt wen i was leaving the city.

So, when i first said her the news about me leaving and having a new life she was okay with it because she always thought i was lonely somehow so she was happy about my decision. But the real problem started when i really left the city, she never thought she would feel soo alone like she missed me soo much the moment she realized i left the city and i am no more as close to her as before(in distance).

She just wanted to come with me but she also wanted me to have a life for my own and if any problem she would always help me.

She dint wanted to share this all with me during my fairwell because she dint wanted me to feel sad as i was going to have a new life, she wanted to give a happy sending, she said she also cried for few days.

She still misses me same way as i miss her because we are our own persons only near ourselves. She just came to meet me in august and stayed for 10 days. Maybe i ll go this time to meet her and stay for a few days.

Best friends are life savers.

How did you cope with your best friend moving away?

When you are so much attached, emotionally to a person. It is pretty normal to feel that you won’t be able to live a happy life without that person’s presence.

And your heart breaks down into infinite pieces on the mere thought of parting.

But always remember this,
Each and every person that comes to your life comes with a purpose(obviously decided by the almighty) and leaves, once that intended purpose is served.
Just imagine a stage performace in which characters stay on the stage even after completion of their respective roles. It would bring so much chaos.
As a character has to leave the stage after his role in the play has been completed in the same way people have to leave your life as and when time comes.

Moreover, if the almighty creates some void in your life, it us just because he wants to fill that void with something more beautiful.

So, just trust him and his plan for you.
And keep smiling.:-)

How do I deal with a close friend moving far away?

There’s nothing you can do Be happy for your friend if they’re moving away for a better life.

Yes loosing a good friend is hard. But remember the two of you can write letters to each other or phone calls. Because your friend dosnt live there dosnt mean their gone, you can still stay in touch.

I experienced this too when my friend moved to a different school. You have to tell someone, like your parents, teachers or adults, and the way I thought of this is that you will still have contact with them, and you will definitely meet again. You still have contact with them, as you can still facetime them, send letters or telephone them. You can still meet up with them, like go to their state over the holidays.

You have to move on, not stay there, sad from the loss of a friend. You will definitely meet again, from the song ‘Its a small world’, and always have contact with them. 🙂

MTC London Removals Company , Depends on the move. Is it forever or for college or something similar? If the move is forever then you have to learn to adjust to life without them. Set reminders to call them. Take turns visiting each other. Facebook stalk them lol Do everything you can to still be part of each others lives. If it is a true friendship it will last. Distance is a true test of any relationship. If the move is temporary just keep in touch and don’t stress. If it’s true friendship when they return you will fall right back into your friendship with fun new experiences to share with each other.

Why am I having such a hard time with the fact that my best friend is moving away? I can’t stop crying whenever I think about it.

Because you’re going to miss her. And you don’t know what your life will look like once she’s gone. Will somebody else fill in the place she leaves empty? or will you just be lonely? A best friend is not a casual relationship – she’s a crutch when you need one, a shoulder to cry on, your greatest cheerleader. That’s a lot to lose, even if you will still have contact with her online or by phone.

But hang on tight. It will be a rough ride at first and you might be tempted to shut yourself off from others out of loyalty to your friend. Give yourself time to grieve and adjust, but don’t let yourself be sad for too long. You’ll need to pick yourself up and be open to new friendships. You will have friends coming and going throughout your life. Be thankful for the internet – you can stay close forever!

My friend just moved and I feel so sad and depressed, what can I do?

Strengthen your bond. It takes two. Show interest in her life no matter how upset and depressed you are. Validate your feelings, but also find ways to alleviate them a little. “ My friend moved away, this is something I’m not used to her. Her being far. She’s not dead luckily, we are still friends, I can still text, call, Zoom or email her. Are we both in good health?” These are thoughts that can bring you a bit of comfort.

Oh man I’m so sorry!! That must be really rough! How far away did the friend move? I have some super close friends, and I know I would feel the same way if they had to move away. There are things to do, though, to limit the pain! Thanks to technology, you can stay in contact with your friend in a myriad of ways! Use it to your advantage as much as possible, without letting your communication become shallow or hollow like it so often can become over text. Good ole fashion phone calls work really well to stay personal and in touch! One of my best friends actually lives 1000 miles down the coast from me, so this is what we do. Don’t feel like you need to call every week though; just be consistent in what you do end up doing! (my friend and I call once a month and text in between when we have something to share) 🙂

MTC London Removals Company – Moving away from a friend can be difficult

Also, find ways to visit once or twice a year if possible! I flew down this spring for that friend’s birthday. I arranged it so it was a total surprise, and then I stayed for almost a week!!! It was fantastic! Your friendship can actually grow deeper with this friend if you are willing to put a little extra effort and money into keeping the relationship! The distance just makes the times you do have together that much sweeter!

That can be emotionally hollowing.

All I can suggest is feel what your feeling there is nothing wrong with missing your friend and I’m sure your friend misses the hell out of you. I say cry feel what your feeling but don’t get caught up in the sadness to where ur not eating and so on because all the time and epic fun you and your friend had would just be wasted time. Hopefully you two will keep in touch and you def will experience friendship like that again if that’s what you put out in the universe. I know great friendships are rare.

I’m sorry that you are feeling this way.

I think you should reconnect with your friend online and have a video chat with/her.

Always get in tough with your friend so you won’t have to be more sad.

Express how you feel. It is important for all of us to let out our sadness, frustrations and the like so that it could help ease our minds.

If you feel like it’s not getting any better, seek for a professional help.


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