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Moving out for the first time checklist: Everything you need to know



Moving out for the first time can be an exciting yet worrisome experience altogether. It’s difficult to bid goodbye to a place you once called home especially when the thought of settling in an alien house is haunting us. However, who said we can’t prepare ourselves for the journey ahead?

How do I Prepare to Move out for the first Time?

We present you, a list of all the essentials you need when moving out for the first time. If you are relocating into a different state, you need to be picky with the stuff to carry along. You’ll need to know precisely what is needed for the first few days and to kickstart the journey.

What do you need before moving out?

MTC London Removals Company Our first time moving guide includes everything from households to security and pro tips. While we may not be able to help you with the insecurities, you can leave the technical part to us. So, let’s get started!


The first thing you’ll do after a long day travelling and shifting will be to have a good long nap. If you are spending the nights as well, you’ll definitely need a bed. It won’t be wise to sleep in a nearby motel just because you didn’t have a bed at the house. If you don’t yet have a proper bed frame, a mattress with pillows and blankets will also do the job until you can find a carpenter.

First-aid kit:

Whether you are hiking Mount Everest or simply shifting a house, safety comes first in all scenarios. Chances are you might hurt yourself while moving objects, climbing stairs, or fixing the rooftops. A basic first-aid kit is can help treat wounds. Moreover, you might not know the exact location of the nearest hospital at a new place. So, a first-aid kit might do the job until help arrives.


A plate for food, a glass for water, and other utensils like a spoon, fork, knife, bottle opener, and spatula are few kitchen essentials that you’ll need from day one. If cooking is your thing, don’t forget to pack a cooking pot, frying pan, silverware, and cooking sheets etc.

Kitchen appliances:

In the morning, you’ll need a coffee/tea maker to get a daily dose of caffeine. At lunch or dinner, you might need to warm the leftover food using a microwave oven. The cooked food will need to be stored in a refrigerator. Thus, make sure to bring along all essential appliances to put food on the table.


For a quick meal, get some snacks like potato chips, nuts, popcorns, fruits, or tinned food. For the first few days, until you set up the kitchen,

House cleaning products:

Along with the new house, you’ll also be introduced to all the mess inside it. During shifting the house may be exposed to dirt, mud, and all the leftovers of previous owners. The house will need thorough cleaning in every room, bathroom, and kitchen. Thus, it’s recommended to bring along basic sanitary supplies such as toilet cleaners, disinfecting wipes, hardwood floor cleaner, mopping cloths, and dishwasher detergent etc.


While setting up your TV, microwave, washing machine and other appliances, you’ll need electric extension boards, two-pin or three-pin sockets, wires, and chargers. You don’t want to be in a position to choose between watching TV and charging your phone.


If someone from your neighbourhood comes to welcome you, make sure to have a place to seat them. Do bring along a sofa, beanbag or a set of chairs and set them up as soon as possible.


You won’t find a single inhabited house without a curtain. They are essential for preserving privacy and keeping out the heat. You don’t want to wake up the next morning early due to scorching sunlight blinding you. Thus, hang the curtains at night before you sleep.

Hardware tools:

The new place will require a lot of fixing. From the dripping rooftop to the clogged tap and floor cracking, you’ll have to showcase your plumbing skills. For doing so, you’ll need basic tools like nails, hammers, duct tape, screwdrivers, tape measure, and a set of pliers.


You never know if there are any faulty bulbs in the house or if the previous tenants left with all the lights as well. It’s safe to grab some lights/ bulbs, side table lamps, or floor lamps before moving in. This way you can truly ‘light up your world.’


You won’t have much to do in the new place apart from moving objects around. So, to kill time, make sure to set up an entertainment centre as well. You can bring along a TV, video game console, or books if you are more of a reader time.

Shower curtain:

Avoid wetting your bathroom floor whenever taking a bath. Pack a shower curtain to avoid dealing with the trouble of mopping the floor.

Bathroom essentials:

The first shower after a long day of work feels like heaven. Don’t forget to pack soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrush, a shaving kit and a towel when moving out.

Sanitary products:

Amid the ongoing pandemic, make sure you remain germ-free. Place a big bottle of hand sanitiser by the house door for every person that comes in. Wipe the floor with disinfecting cleaner and buy a pack of face masks. Apart from that, bring tissues, towels, and toilet paper.

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Bonus tips for moving out for the first time

Label each box

While packing your stuff before moving out, make sure to label each box according to what’s inside. This way not only you can easily figure out where everything is, but the helpers will also be extra careful of sensitive equipment such as glassware or furniture.
Set up a wifi connection
Before shifting, contact an internet provider and make arrangements for a wifi connection beforehand. By doing so, you won’t miss any important updates, work emails, and stay connected to your peers via social media.


Bid everyone goodbye:

Relationships are priceless. Make sure to bid your friends & family a one final goodbye heading out. The only last thing you should be carrying around is good memories.

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