COVID-19 Under Plan B

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Guidance For Moving Home During COVID-19 Under Plan B

With 2 years to the globally spread disease, things are finally getting normal and people have finally adjusted and accepted COVID-19. To make life the way it was previously there are a series of precautionary measures that are followed today to make sure the spread of disease is controlled.

In this article you will learn the precautionary measures that you can take, information regarding the Omicron variant and how to move homes during these difficult and challenging times. Keep reading to find out!

Omicron Variant: What You Need to Know About It

The Omicron Variant is a mutation of the COVID-19 virus and it is one of the deadliest viruses with a high mortality rate. The NHS in the UK is actively participating to find out more about the Omicron, but here are a few things that can be helpful if you are planning to make the move.

The Spread of the Disease

It is believed that the Omicron Variant will have a spreading ratio even higher than the SARS-CoV-2 Virus, and it is still unknown how the variant is spreading even faster than the Delta Variant. But what we know is that it’ll be even more deadly and can easily be caught by the carrier even if you are vaccinated or do not show any symptoms.

It Can Cause Severe Illness

More people will be infected with the deadly Omicron variant, reinfections are said to occur, even amongst those who are fully vaccinated. The disease is said to spread like wildfire and may result in more deaths than the COVID-19 and other variants that followed. SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant –


Till date vaccinations have been quite helpful with the COVID-19 and the variants that followed. It controlled the spread and protected millions of people but we still aren’t sure if the same will happen in the future, especially with the Omicron Variant. But the variant has emphasized how important these boosters and vaccines are to somewhat help in decreasing the hit of the disease.
Treatments for the Omicron Variant
With the change in variant, scientists are working day and night to study the genetic make-up of the new variant and how some treatments will be effective or not.
With that being said, you now know how serious Omicron Variant is and the following guidance for moving homes during COVID-19 under plan B will prove to be quite helpful for all those ready for removals.
At MTC Removals we believe in educating our readers to the fullest and letting them know about all the precautionary measures they need to take for effective removals. Keep reading to find out how to make safe removals!

A Comprehensive Guide to Make Home Removals Safe

With all the updates the government has made and according to the Guidance under Plan B some safety measures need to be taken to reduce the hazards of the transmission of the Omicron Variant. According to the rules stated by the government, we are aware of the housing market and how it is allowed to remain open currently. All the moving can be carried out when safety precautions can be carried out and SOPs are followed. Update on Omicron –

Sanitise, practice good hygiene and make sure you are clear when it comes to the disease. Let’s dig into the details of moving homes.

Some Ways to Alleviate the Risk of the Disease

To ensure proper measures are taken at the workplace to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and the new variant some health assessments need to be undertaken, to ensure smoothness. You can start by moving some of the workers to homes, they can take up calls and answer any queries and questions while sitting at home and working fully. In these difficult times, every worker wants to keep their job so it’s true that they may show commitment. Prime Minister confirms move to Plan B in England –

COVID-19 Moving Guide Under Plan B

During the office hours, encouraging the use of masks amongst the workers is another way to keep the disease at bay. These ways can be helpful in mitigating the disease!
Rules for Self-Isolation
In difficult times, it’s advised to have ease in self-isolation especially for those who are sick and tested positive for the COVID-19. To avoid the spread of the disease some people are exempted if they are

  • Under 18 years old and even under 6 months old.
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Anyone who is in the COVID-19 vaccine trials
  • People who are unable to get vaccinated

Anyone who gets in contact with an infected person, especially someone who has Omicron Variant needs to be isolated with serious precautions. Now people have to take a lateral flow test every day for at least a week to ensure they are not sick. Self-isolating is key especially if you are tested positive any day during the week. What You Need to Know About the Omicron Variant –

These rules need to be followed before or after the move, to ensure a smooth process.

MTC Removals: The Measures That You Need To Take

We at MTC London Removals Company believe some measures need to be taken to ensure a smooth moving. Here’s what you should do:

  • Make sure you isolate at least 7 days before the move and avoid coming in contact with a sick person to avoid risk of spreading the disease.
  • During the move make sure there are less people at your home, avoid keeping your kids around and instead just have 1-2 people who can make sure the move is happening properly.
  • You can also leave the keys to us and our team of skilled professionals will make the move without loss and damage of your belongings.
  • We at MTC London Removals Company encourage people to stay safe and vaccinated to avoid the difficult times ahead of us. Our workers are well-equipped and vaccinated to protect you and your items from getting infected.

Bottom Line:

During COVID-19, please follow Plan B for moving home, So what are you waiting for? Get onboard and let MTC Removals help you make the move. We are a team of skilled people who know their way around and can easily help you manage your moves especially during the tough times. Happy Moving! Be sure to stay safe and follow all the measures!


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